The Column class is used to set table column options. A Column class can be added to the Table with the .columns() and .column() method.

import { Column, Table } from "";

new Table()
    ["Baxter Herman", "Oct 1, 2020", "Harderwijk", "Slovenia"],
    ["Jescie Wolfe", "Dec 4, 2020", "Alto Hospicio", "Japan"],
    ["Allegra Cleveland", "Apr 16, 2020", "Avernas-le-Bauduin", "Samoa"],
    ["Aretha Gamble", "Feb 22, 2021", "Honolulu", "Georgia"],
    { border: true },
    new Column().align("right"),

Column options


You can enable/disable the border by using the .border() method which accepts an optional boolean value.

Align column content

The content can be aligned with the .align() method. The first argument is the direction. Possible values are:

  • "left"
  • "right"
  • "center"

Column width

You can set the min and max width of columns with the .minColWidth() and .maxColWidth() methods.

Cell padding

The .padding() method adds padding to all cell’s in this column.

Set multiple options

The .options() method allows you to set multiple options at once by passing an options bag to the .options() method.