The colors module is a simple and tiny chainable wrapper around deno’s std colors module and works similar to node’s chalk module.

import { colors } from "";

  colors.bold.underline.rgb24("Welcome to Deno.Land!", 0xff3333),
$ deno run


You can create your own re-usable themes just by storing your styles into a variable.

import { colors } from "";

// Define theme colors.
const error =;
const warn = colors.bold.yellow;
const info =;

// Use theme colors.
console.log(error("[ERROR]"), "Some error!");
console.log(warn("[WARN]"), "Some warning!");
console.log(info("[INFO]"), "Some information!");

// Override theme colors.
console.log(error.underline("[ERROR]"), "Some error!");
console.log(warn.underline("[WARN]"), "Some warning!");
console.log(info.underline("[INFO]"), "Some information!");Copy
$ deno run