Base Options

All prompt types have the following base options.

Prompt message

With the message option you specify the prompt message to display. This option is required for all prompts.

Default value

You can set a default value with the default option. The type depends on the prompt type.

Transform displayed value

The transform callback option lets you transform the value to display. The method receives the user input and the value returned value will be displayed.

Validate value

With the validate callback option you can validate the user input. It receives as first argument the sanitized user input.

  • If true is returned, the value is valid.
  • If false is returned, an error message is shown.
  • If a string is returned, the value will be used as error message.

Info message

With the hint option you can display a info message that is displayed below the prompt.

Pointer icon

The pointer option lets you change the pointer icon.

Prompt indentation

With the indent option you can change the prompt indentation. Default is " ".

OS signals


⚠️ The cbreak option requires the --unstable flag and Deno => 1.6 and works currently only on Linux and macOS!

The cbreak option enables pass-through of os signals to deno, allowing you to register your own signal handler. Read more about os signals here.