The Select prompt lets you select a option from an options list.

import { Select } from "";

const color: string = await Select.prompt({
  message: "Pick a color",
  options: [
    { name: "Red", value: "#ff0000" },
    { name: "Green", value: "#00ff00", disabled: true },
    { name: "Blue", value: "#0000ff" },
    { name: "White", value: "#ffffff" },
    { name: "Black", value: "#000000" },
$ deno run --unstable


The Select prompt has all base options and the following prompt specific options.

Select options

With the options option you specify an array of options. An option can be either a string or an options object.

Select option

Option value

Value which will be returned as result.

Option name

Name is displayed in the list. Defaults to value.

Disable aption

Disabled item. Can’t be selected.

Max rows

The maxRows option specifies the number of options displayed per page. Defaults to 10.

List pointer

With the listPointer you specify the list pointer icon. Default is .

Enable search input

You can enable a search/filter input with the search option. The search option is useful if you have a large list of options.

You can change the search input label with the searchLabel option.